Inside Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

Jackson, who was 50 years old when he died in 2009, strongly denies any allegations of sex abuse against him. The former soap star claimed that The King Of Pop’s Zoo contained at least 50 species, including bears, lions, and reptiles. Many of these animals were considered to be at risk. Tonight’s doc follows explosive Leaving Neverland Ranch.

Jacko, it was claimed, died in 2009 using alarms, bells, and a one-way window to alert him to any rape victims. The sprawling estate that he purchased in 1988 was transformed into a children’s playground with a ferris rod, zoo and pirate ship, bumper cars, rollercoasters, and amusement arcades.

As more shocking claims about Netherland surface, we take a look at the sordid world of Netherland.

Creepy hideouts

James Safechuck claimed that bells lined a series doors leading to Jackson’s master bedroom in Leaving Neverland. This would alert anyone who approached the suite.

He stated, “We would take a blanket and lay it on the floor in the closet. This would allow us to close the door.” So there were bells, and you could have a second of hearing them trip so at the very least you knew if anyone was coming for him.”

Safechuck asserts that the sex acts were not limited to Jackson’s bedroom.

Secret bedroom

They found a hidden room connecting to a closet at the back of the star’s bedroom. Photos showed creepy dolls lined a small staircase that led to the secret chamber.

The hidden room also contained nude photos of women and men, which cops suspect was used to “desensitize” Jackson’s alleged abuse victims.

He stated that he also owned an Indian fort, which resembled a teepee. There he would sleep and eat snacks while having sexual relations. Inside Neverland Ranch was also an arcade upstairs, and a game room. There was also a bed upstairs. We would go up there to have sex.

Safechuck said Jacko also committed abuse in a creepy third-floor attic and another ranch building, which were “far away” from Jackson’s main home. Jackson had some of his memorabilia.

There was also the cinema, which had two private rooms with one-way windows. Jackson almost got caught by Stephanie, the mother of the schoolboy.

Safechuck stated that the movie theatre had two private rooms, which you could see into… and that we could have sex there. That was a little dangerous. There was some excitement.

Safechuck claimed that the hot tub and outdoor pool were additional sites of child sex abuse. Jackson also claimed that he bought the remote home for Jackson. Safechuck claimed Jacko did an underwater sex act while they were both holding their breath.

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