Infinity Pool Arrives on Digital

The day is Valentine’s Day, which means to some that it’s the time to celebrate affection, however for the majority people, it’s one of the most frightening holidays of the year. If you’re a fan of horror, Neon and director Brandon Cronenberg have your bloody Christmas plans in order in motion. Infinity Pool has made its way to digital.

It was announced by Neon humorously making the film appear as if it was a typical fluffy Hallmark romance. Alexander Skarsgard’s James is the iconic writer in a slump who encounters Mimi goth’s Gabi during his idyllic island getaway with his unappreciative fiancé. This is a smoky tale as timeless as ever, however If you’ve ever seen this wacky film, you’ll realize that this isn’t the reality. The trailer, which is announcing the film, quickly reminds you, this movie isn’t just a love story. Infinity Pool might be among the most anti-Valentine’s Day films to hit the market in recent times. It is rated a hard R due to its dark theme of who you are, horrifying body horror, cloning, and a groovy scene that burns into your brain for a long duration.

You’ll be able to see the reason this film was almost given the detested NC-17 rating because you’ll feel like an emotional wreck when this holiday that was a nightmare comes to an end. It’s because Goth is back with another stunningly psychotic performance. She’s an incredibly horrifying and deeply horrible character, and an extremely intriguing characters that horror can ever see. She makes Goth’s popular character, Pearl, look like an unprofessional.

Infinity Pool Might Be a Relationship Ender

There are a variety of reasons Infinity Pool releasing on Valentine’s Day is funny, however if you’re looking to end an abusive or unhealthy relationship, it could be the ideal film to cut the cord. There’s so much traumatic imagery in this nightmare of a vacation that your partner could abandon you if you select the film as a romantic evening. If you’re not both avid horror fans, this film can be a depressing experience and could be a relationship ender. In a demented sort in a way can serve as a reminder that your unwell mind might be best off on its own.

With all due respect, Infinity Pool‘s another great illustration of the horror genre’s present dominant position. It’s unique, disturbing and, as Cronenberg’s director says, an incredible masterpiece. You can have your significant other or friend will leave you if you make them to watch the film together, but for those of you that’s feeling a little uneasy on Valentine’s Day, there’s no better movie to enjoy than this plunge into a harrowing saga.

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