Candy Montgomery Have A Second Affair

Candace is an American housewife suspected of murdering Betty Gore, the wife of her boyfriend. Betty was slashed 41 times by a splitting ax made of wood during a murder that was bafflingly uncovered that took place in Wylie, Texas, on June 13th the 13th of June, 1980.

The Montogomery romance and the circumstances that surround it have caught the attention of Hulu viewers across the nation.

Candy Montogomery, a homemaker and was unhappy with her living in Texas suburbs. The second affair was a result of she begged her neighbour and friend Allan Betty Gore’s husband to begin a friendship with her.

Allan was believed to be nervous initially. But the year 1978 was when Allan and Montogomery Allan began an affair they wanted to keep private. They would visit each week in hotels and sharing cost.

Candy Montgomery Husband Pat Montgomery

Candy Montgomery is married to Pat Montgomery who was who was an engineer in the electrical field at the time of tragedy.Pat and Candy began working within Texas Instruments, where Candy was secretary. They got married in the early 1970s, before moving into Wylie, Texas, in 1977.

Candy Montgomery Family life

Pat along with Candy Montgomery have one son and a daughter. Pat and Candy relocated from Collin County, Texas, in 1977. They regularly attended Lucas’s Methodist Church.

After attending an event at the church, Pat and Candy became acquaintances with Betty Gore, a middle school teacher. Betty was close to her two children as well as their husband Allan and with whom Montgomery had an affair.

Steve Defibaugh of the Collin County Sheriff’s Department was the one to investigate the investigation. Don Crowder, a civil lawyer, and Robert Udashen, a defense attorney represented Candy.

Candy admitted that she felt compelled to use an axe since Gore hit herself with the same tool just seconds before. Candy was later found not innocent by a jury comprised of 9 women, 3 men and nine on the evening of October 30th October, 1980.

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