Tiger Woods: Wearing FootJoy Shoes at The Masters

After several speculations, Tiger Woods has confirmed that he’s made a stunning return from injury The Masters, but at least, a part of the reason why he’s able to play this year is related to his shoes. There was some confusion over Woods selection of shoes as he arrived at Augusta National on Sunday for a round of practice. People on social media who were keen to see Woods, a five-time Masters winner was sporting the FootJoy Premiere Series Packard shoes instead of his normal Nike shoes. The following day by Woods who was seen in the exact same pair of shoes however in a different color, which was a shock considering that he’s been associated with Nike for over a quarter of a century.

Nike later issued an official statement regarding the issue that reads: “Like golf fans around the globe, we are happy to have Tiger returning to the course. He is an amazing athleteand it’s incredible to see him return to play at this high level. It is his story that continues to transcend sports and motivate us everyone. As he returns and rehabilitation, we will assist him to accommodate his new requirements.”

Now Woods will make his first appearance in a competitive match after breaking his bones of the fibula and tibia in his left leg during an horrific car crash fourteen months back, has clarified the confusion by stating that the reason for the reduced mobility. Woods said: “I have very limited mobility at present. In addition to the rods, screws and plates within my leg. I wanted something else to allow for me to become more solid. This is what I’ve been looking for.” Woods also confirmed that, far from ending the relationship between him and Nike He is currently working with Nike to come up with an alternative that is more durable to the issue. 

Woods added: “Nike’s been fantastic over the years in giving me equipment and assistance, and we’ve been working, and have been looking for a solution that will allow me to play this, and also swing again. We’ll continue working on it and we’re hoping to have something in the near future.”

Woods hasn’t participated at a tournament since the accident that occurred in February of last year. As recently as this month Woods admitted that he needed the aid of a golf cart. Woods said: “I can still play but I’m playing in the cart. Being an athlete on the weekend is simple and it’s not too difficult. Hit the ball, jump into a cart, go through the cart, then barely get from the car, take your golf club and hit another one. The longest walk you’ll ever take is likely to be from, which cart, towards the golf course and to the back. I could do that in a matter of minutes however, walking through a golf course is an entirely different matter.”

With the aid of his new golf shoes The golf world is waiting eagerly anticipating the exciting appearance of Woods not just competing at this year’s Masters but also completing the event without assistance.

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