How Can Someone Find Owner of a Business?

One can determine who is the owner of a company by using the business database on the site from the state secretary or department of revenue of the state in which the company is located. You may also be able to perform an online search for business licenses on the site of the county or city where the company is located. The company can contact or write to one of these agencies, too. let’s see how to Find Owner of a Business.

Information to Help With Search

One can find an owner of a business by with their name, the title of the company as well as the number of its entity. Entity numbers are the basic identification number given to a company through the office of the Secretary of State. The number assigned to an entity for corporations may have slightly different format from that of the limited liability company as well as a limited partnership. It can also be helpful to have the address of the business on the ready.

Business’ Website and Social Media

It might be an obvious thing to do, but let’s be honest The first place to look up is the company’s website. A majority of businesses list their contact information on their site, typically under”About Us, “About us” or “Contact” areas. If the site doesn’t contain the contact information, you can look for it on the company’s social media profiles. Businesses often post such information on their Facebook or Twitter account.

Options Beyond Government Websites

One can search through the database on the internet that is maintained by the Better Business Bureau. The BBB’s search engine is especially helpful in finding the business owners with large companies. The person who is interested can call or write to the company to inquire about who owns the company. A company’s legal or sales, marketing, or administrative office could help helpful.A registered agent who is authorized to serve of process for a company might not be able to provide details about the current owner of the company. One should not rely on a print from a commercial printer or an databases of companies online since such databases could be inefficient and costly to access.

Search Registered Business Databases

Each state requires companies to be registered to be able to operate. The state keeps an inventory of registered companies. There’s information for all areas provided you’re within the correct database.

One can discover who is the owner of a company by looking through the databases of companies that are available on the website from the state secretary or department of revenue within the state in which the business is situated. Additionally, he might be able to conduct an online search for business licenses on the site of the county or city where the business is situated. They can also be reached via telephone or email.

Conduct a WHOIS Domain Lookup

If the website of your company doesn’t offer any information, you can use an internet search. Domain registrars should have the business owners’ contact details. It’s easy to conduct an “who who” search.

Simply type in into the search box the name of your organization that you would like to look up registration details. Domain owners may choose to hide their identities through the use of a third party to conceal their identity. If you find that the domain owner’s name appears to be “Domains by Proxy” this means the owner has paid for the service to keep it unnoticed.

Research the Government Agencies

Find out the legal owner of a company in a formal manner Find it on the corporation commission of your state’s website. All companies operating in the US must be registered and licensed by the state.

On the website look up the company using the name of its owner or the filing number. If you find the business’s page it will contain the name and contact details of the registered agent which is usually the business’s owner.

Once you’ve learned how to locate the name of a business’s owner using this method, you’re now ready to discuss another method. You can also search directories and files that are public and accessible to the Chamber of Commerce. They provide detailed information on licensing for businesses and the people who run these businesses. The local business association is an great place to start your search.

Better Business Bureau

Let’s look at the steps to determine the legal proprietor of a business by using the directories of the Better Business Bureau. To find this information visit the BBB website and search for their name. Then, type in the business which you’re looking for. Choose the location, and select the company listing.You will now be able to be able to view a page that contains information regarding the company, including the contact details along with accreditation status as well as any complaints brought against the business. Scroll to the end of the page and you’ll see the section titled “Additional Details.” Below this category, you’ll be able to see that the business’s name, the business’s owner or the management team or the company’s primary contact.

Business License Records

Each state keeps documents regarding business licenses, however the office responsible and kind of records are different. The records could include corporate filings, business filings, trademarks issued and renewals of business licenses. While some states maintain these documents on a state-wide basis, other states maintain them at the local or city level.The Office of the Secretary of State generally keeps business records, but it is also known under the names of the Department of Commerce or Department of Corporations in certain states. Businesses can also register their agent details with these organizations, since registered agents are accountable to accept service of process.

It’s possible to find out if a business is licensed, and sometimes you can determine if the business has been accused of any violations or complaints through an online search for the business licenses. You can search for licenses by business name address, address, or even the name of the owner. In the majority of cases, obtaining copies of records for business will require a written request as well as an appointment in person.

Check for the Chamber of Commerce

There is a directory of member companies at the website of the Chamber of Commerce. It is possible to locate this information on their official website. The members of the Chamber are listed on the business profile. For small companies that is usually the business’s owner.

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