PPP fraud can be identified and tracked on website Developed by Hamachek

The software engineer is of the opinion that citizens should take action to expose those who made use of the PPP fraud. Palo Alto, California resident Brian Hamachek, was browsing the official website which listed the PPP payments. Payment Protection Program (PPP) was introduced in 2000. He was surprised to see that a lot of the listed companies didn’t exist or had overstated the numbers of employees.

He claimed to have discovered fraud that an investigator from Washington could not even to detect, such as the restaurant that was shut down several months prior to the time they were able obtain a loan, and hasn’t been seen ever since. Hamachek is an engineer in the field of Software. He developed an online site that can assist others in locating the PPP fraudulents. Anyone who goes to the town or state of a city can locate local businesses that received loans.

You can also view their Google Street View of that company. the number of employees are employed. They can also see the average pay.

In 2020, Congress along with President Trump authorized 953 billion dollars of funding for the program. The program is designed to keep workers employed throughout the spread. As of the beginning of the beginning of this year is revealed that the Justice Department has opened more than 140 fraud cases that add up thousands of dollars, including an Minnesota person who claimed he employed 28 employees while there was none, a Maryland pastor who bought costly cars , and a Florida family who bought the home worth 3 million. Tom Schatz the President of Citizens Against Government Waste, believes that poor planning and lack of oversight by officials led to huge corruption. People profit from the government’s money, Schatz said.

It has been reported that it is reported that the U.S. has given out more than $11 million worth of PPP fraud loans.

“The federal government has never been set up to track money very well, and with the unprecedented amount of money in the COVID relief bills, more than ever is going to be wasted,” Schatz stated. People who believe in the program say it has helped create jobs in times of need for the country. Hamachek says it’s the duty of decent Samaritans to “expose” anyone who took advantage of a crisis when Washington isn’t able to manage the government’s funding.

“Since it’s all of our money, it’s all of our responsibility,” Hamacheck stated was made simpler to complete.

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