Samsung QN95B Neo QLED 4K Smart TV

Samsung holds a strong position in India’s electric appliances market and has continuously launched new products through 2022. The Samsung QN95B Neo QLED 4K smart TV replaces the QN95A. There have been major improvements made by the company, including improved contrast, upscaling and backlight controls. They also added eye-friendly color options and brightness levels. We purchased the 65-inch model for Rs3.49 lakh.


The company has made the QN95B Neo QLED4K Smart TV slimmer straight out of the box. Infinity’s design concept is responsible for the new slimmer design. You can see that the bezels around this TV are very thin. The TV has no ports. This creates a monolithic TV that is flat on the front and rear sides. It can be glued to walls.

The simplicity of the QN95B Neo QLED’s design is made even more evident by the absence of any connections to its primary bodywork other than one port for an external One Connect Box. It is lighter and slimmer than last year’s model and has a nice, clean feel. It can be placed in the back of the neck that connects to the screen and the support plate.

Four HDMI ports are included in the box. All four can be used to support the latest gaming features. These include 4K feeds at 120Hz refresh rate that can be customized. The QN95B supports frame rates of up to 144Hz. This is compatible with most high-end PC monitors. It also includes three USB-A ports as well as an Ethernet port and a USB-C connector.

Viewing experience

The new Samsung QN95B Neo QLED4K Smart TV features Quantum Matrix Technology Pro (with Quantum MiniLED) that provides finer details and enhanced contrast.

Quantum Mini LEDs are 1/40th as large as a standard LED, which allows for greater color brightness, deeper black, and less blooming. The Shape Adaptive Light Control analyzes each object in an image to determine the best lighting settings.

The Neural Quantum Processingor makes images more attractive by changing the color temperature and brightness. The blue light is automatically decreased to improve your eye comfort and sleep quality, as well as reducing stress.

HDR10 content is beautifully displayed on different platforms, with balanced shadows and sharp contrast. Dolby Vision would have been a great addition to the QN95B’s viewing experience.

The QN95B’s performance is superior to the original mini-LED TVs Samsung launched a year ago. This is especially true for gaming.

Sound quality

Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound system is featured in the new Samsung QN95B. This surrounds the TV with speakers that expand the soundstage and place elements more precisely within a movie mix. Samsung now integrates Dolby Atmos decoding in its OTS system to enhance sound quality.

We can state that immersive sound quality is comparable to a home theater.


Samsung completely redesigned its smart interface with the Tizen TV interface for its 2022 TVs. Samsung’s Tizen-based smart OS is compatible with almost every streaming service. It is also easy to use, just like Google TV OS. The new TVs feature a Renewed Home Screen that displays all content, smart functions, settings, and other information on one screen. Samsung TV Plus allows users to view 45+ local and international TV channels free of charge for entertainment, news, and more. We didn’t experience any lag while playing games, so the new OS doesn’t feel sloppy.


Samsung has integrated Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro into its gaming platform to provide a better experience. Gamers can operate smoothly and seamlessly with the 2022 Neo QLED series. The Game Bar allows players to easily monitor their progress and adjust settings. The Zoom-in option eliminates blind spots and Ultra-wide vision eliminates them.


The new Samsung QN95B TV is a great choice if budget is not an issue. This TV is capable of presenting content in a soothing and vivid manner, which puts it in the same league as expensive TVs. The Samsung QN95B Neo QLED 4K smart TV is a great choice for gamers.

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