What does the Tesla Stock Split Means for Investors

You might have heard of the Tesla stock split that recently took place. This Tesla share split sparked attention from investors in the retail market as well as those who are watching the market with keen interest. Additionally, the recent Inflation Reduction Act has placed more emphasis to the electric car (EV) sector as specialists work out how the distribution of funds will function.

The fact that Tesla being the sixth-largest business in the world, and the U.S EV market heavily relying on its performance it’s no surprise that there’s been a lot of talk about this stock split. We’ll examine this Tesla share split in order to find out what effect it has on the worth of the stock and then provide you with the information you must be aware of going ahead.

How do stock splits function

The board of directors of the company divides its shares to increase the number of shares are in circulation. In the end, one share is reduced in value because it’s representing a smaller percentage of ownership in the business. It’s similar to cutting your pie in smaller portions.

This lower cost per share will make the stock more affordable for the common investors, who may purchase shares, which will increase the worth (market capitalization) of the business and will make that price rise once more.

What makes companies have to bother by a stock split?

The primary advantage of a split stock is that the share price is less expensive and is more appealing to investors who were exempt from buying shares in the business in the past.

Although the fractional share market is becoming increasingly sought-after but many investors are in awe of the high cost per share, or would rather have shares that are whole.

A company can also perform an equity split to boost liquidity, which makes the price of the shares more appealing to retail investors. When the price of a share decreases, the share is attractive to the average investor who is inclined to buy and sell more frequently.

Tesla stock split timeline

What’s the exact timeframe for the Tesla stock split? It’s been reported that the Tesla company’s stock split has been reported for months ahead. The 4th of August, 2022 Tesla’s shareholders voted for the 3-1 split during the annual meeting of the company. The idea of the split stock was first mentioned at first via an earlier tweet in the year, on the 28th of March. When the buzz began to grow, it was decided that there needed to be an official vote of shareholders in order to make the split officially.

In a proxy file from earlier in the year, Tesla stated that the motive for the split of stock was to provide every employee with the possibility of receiving equity as well as to set the market price. Through resetting market prices increasing the number of employees and investors will be able to make a bet on Tesla in the future.

The press release:

“Since the split of our stock in the month of August, 2020 until June 6 2022, our share price has increased 43.5 percent.While this price appreciation has seen our employees reaping huge benefits over the years, we’d like to ensure that every employee, no matter the time they joined, enjoy all the benefits .”

The press release also mentioned that Tesla would like to offer its employees greater flexibility in controlling their capital, believing that this could increase shareholder value, in addition to making common stock more readily available to shareholders who are retail.

The split took place following the closing of the market on the 24th of August, 2022. The shares of TSLA were trading at $891.29 after the market had closed the following day. Shares traded at around $302 at the time of the market opening on the 25th of August. The stock was trading at $288.09 on the 26th of August. This stock is currently trading at a 1-year estimate of $306.10.

It’s worth noting that Tesla has a stock split in the past few years. Tesla stock was split in the 5-for-1 split in August of 2020. This marks just the 2nd Tesla share split within less than two years, as the maker of electric vehicles continues to lead the market.

Does an unintended stock split mean that the price of a stock will go up?

When a stock split occurs the board of directors is hoping that the price of the stock will increase since the shares are less expensive for investors who are not retail. If the shares are cheaper, there’s typically an increase in enthusiasm for the stock, which can lead to increased trading. If there are more people willing to purchase and sell Tesla shares The stock will become more liquid, which means you can sell it for good prices without having to increase the price.

Many claim that a split in stock does not have much impact, other than making the cost for a particular share affordable and less intimidating for investors on the average. Value of any business is still dependent on the flow of cash and revenues as well as other macroeconomic and global political variables.

There is no guarantee that a split in stock is going to cause the shares of the company to go higher in value. In the short term the split can lead to increased interest from investors and increase in value since the average investor are now able to be able to invest into companies which was once too costly. In the longer term the value of shares is likely to fall in line with the performance.

As shareholders, you don’t necessarily expect an increase in your portfolio of investments because of the split in your stock. Your shares’ value will not increase. You simply own more shares at a lower cost now. Instead of having one share worth $900, you’d have three shares worth $300. (These are just hypothetical numbers, rounded to make it easier.)

It is important to note that the worth of a company’s shares on the stock exchange is determined by its market capitalization that is the sum of the value of all the shares of the company. Market cap is a simple formula that is calculated by multiplying for one share times the amount of shares outstanding. The split of shares will alter the price as well as the number of shares but the market capitalization won’t be immediately changed. The goal is to increase the worth of these shares ultimately to boost the market capitalization total.

It’s too early to tell what the impact of this Tesla split in its stock will affect the market capitalization of the company. It will be interesting to observe how the market reacts to Tesla in the coming months.

Other noteworthy 2022 split stock

There were more major stocks splits that took place in 2022. Tesla isn’t alone which went through the process of a stock split in this year.

  • Amazon

Many experts deemed this to be the most notable annual stock split. Amazon was able to offer a 20-for-1 split at the market closing in June. The split resulted in the shares of Amazon trading at less than $1,000 for the first time since 2017.

  • Alphabet

Alphabet (the subsidiary of Google) was the beneficiary of the 20-for-1 stock split following the market ended on July 15 2022.

Alphabet is currently the dominant player in the search engine market worldwide with a share of around 80percent and the company brings millions of dollars in revenues through its advertising arm.

  • Shopify

Amazon was not the online e-commerce giant to undergo an unofficial stock split in 2022. Shopify finished their 10-for-1 share split June 29. While online shopping websites such as Shopify benefitted from the rise in online consumer spending during the outbreak however, many experts are concerned about how the effects of inflation and shifts in consumer spending could affect the business.

If you’re interested in the effects of splits in stock it’s a good idea to take the time to examine the stock charts of these companies to see the price of the shares before or following the split.

As important as the large-cap share splits in 2022 were we must still keep an eye on how the market reacts to it and whether there is any hope of inflationary pressures easing. Furthermore, it’s important to consider the influence of external and political influences including new policies of the government to global conflicts that could affect the overall market for 2022.

Final Line

While watching splits in stocks is thrilling however, it’s important to remember the basic principles of investing, or get distracted by the excitement of announcements. Therefore, while investors tend to react with a strong reaction to stock splits in the short-term but don’t forget that investing is all about evaluating your performance as a company. It is best to invest in businesses which are profitable and producing strong financial dividends for shareholders.

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