The 2023 Cadillac Escalade-V is a Powerful and Expensive Truck

The athletic Cadillac Escalade-V was announced in May, with a $149,990 price cost, it became the most expensive Cadillac model ever. It’s almost to be a bargain. Cadillac has revealed the Celestiq electric fastback four-door which will go on sale next year for more than $300,000.It’s additionally increased the starting cost of the Escalade-V up to $152,490. It also comes with a three-year commitment to the GM OnStar telematics system, though it’s possible to likely increase it slightly without losing the sweat. Customers have been purchasing Escalade Vs at the speed they are available at dealerships, with thousands of dollars of markup on.If this seems like a ridiculous proposition isn’t it? It’s because the Escalade V is an extremely absurd vehicles that have ever been built. Did I mention that it can seat seven people and comes in an Escalade V with an extra-long wheelbase ESV version?

It also comes with a computer-controlled suspension system , with air springs, which do its best to allow it to operate like a sports car , while providing a comfortable ride-on-demand. But it’s more efficient in the second. There’s only the amount you can do with 6,000 pounds of high-performance metal, no matter to which 7,000-pound trailer that the Escalade V can tow can be attached.A set of ultra-fast Brembo brakes hidden within its huge 22-inch wheels try their best to slow the vehicle down, however, making it speedy to begin with is the most enjoyable part.A Launch control function lets you press the brake pedal and lower the accelerator at the same time as it revs up the engine. and then utilizes a traction control system to bring the power into an all-wheel drive at full-time, after you let the brakes go and accelerate the Escalade-V up towards 60 mph within under four and a half minutes and wake up the entire population in the area of what’s likely to be a square mile. Its top speed has been judiciously limited to one hundred and 125 miles per hour.

This exhaust setup is always loud and ear-splittingly loud when the Escalade V is set to its most extreme V Mode that boosts the volume and response of the drivetrain.

In light of the fact that the regular Escalade with its 420 horsepower V-8 isn’t a slouch and has a lot of power, there’s not much of an advantage to the Escalade-V apart from kicks, however it certainly delivers it at a speed of 13 miles per gallon premium gas and should be incorporated to your weekly budget.Anyone who plays in this league likely won’t worry about it. Cadillac acknowledges it’s equally keen on the status that comes from the Escalade V as it is its performance. Buyers are guaranteed to be rewarded or at the very least, at least admiring glances. Certainly the Escalade-V was painted with the same $1,225 Radiant Red Tintcoat that our test vehicle was a hit even when it was parked with its engine turned off.

It’s packed with all the features, including cameras that rotate 360 degrees and screens for entertainment in the rear seats. But one that you aren’t able to access currently is the Cadillac Super Cruise hands-free driving system and has had its release delayed due to the continuing shortage of semiconductors that is affecting the automotive industry.

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