The Best Russian Vodkas to Drink

Delicious and food-friendly There’s more to this old-fashioned spirit than you realize. The country which, most likely was the first to introduce vodka around the time of the 14th century, likes its vodkas big and strong and smoky, as a way to reminisce in between bites. In the past, vodka and Russian food have solid ties. In Russia there is a custom to drink vodka at the time of celebration with loved ones or with relatives. cornichons and pickled tomatoes, bread with caviar and butter boiling potatoes with butter pickled cabbage, fresh herring with onions and borscht topped with sour cream, according to Russian natives of Chicago.

Although Tony Abou-Ganim the writer of Vodka Distilled is a fan of Russian vodka in cocktails and also with food He suggests that “To get the most enjoyment from the vodka, take straight from the freezer in a tiny glass that is frozen and take in all the flavor of the raw materials and the stylistic variations that reveal their own when it warms. That’s what’s so appealing about Russian vodka.”

Jewel Russia Black Label Ultra Black Label

Cost: 53$ to 55$

Taste notesPepper and Minerals. Wheat, Milk,

The “gorgeous” bottle provides “everything you could want from vodka,”” Abou-Ganim claims. “It’s silky-smooth and complex with flavors that are layered and a long-lasting lasting finish.” Instead of pushing for neutrality like the majority of New World producers do, the producers of this premium bottle “leave some minerality in the finish,” he says. “It’s sweet, yet with an elegant, smooth feel.”

Beluga Gold Line

Pricing: 30$ to 80$

Taste notesLavender and Cream of Wheat Wild Herbs

Borisov describes this as “one among the more stunning vodkas produced by Russia.” It is sold with the small wooden hammer is required to break the seal. The bottle’s elegant design is in line with the spirit’s drinking characteristics. “It is Beluga’s policy to allow the vodka to rest between each stage of production. The time for resting lasts for 90 days” the expert explains. “This lets Beluga to attain a the perfect harmony and balance.” Five times through the filtering process It’s exceptionally soft and round, and has “delightful aromas and floral scents, and smooth aftertaste.”

Russian Standard

Pricing:9$ to 25$

Taste notes:Pepper, Bread, Cream

“It’s among the most accessible Russian vodkas that are available,” says Abou-Ganim, at under $20 it’s extremely cheap. Don’t let its low price fool you. this is an exceptional spirit made from pure glacial water that has been charcoal-filtered 4 times. “It is a true representation of Russian vodka’s personality,” Abou-Ganim explains. “It’s large, bold, and spicy. You can taste wheat and rye.”


Price 10$-30$

Notes on Tasting:White Pepper, Orange Peel,

Abou-Ganim refers to this as “sleeper brand” that is made of a traditional mix of wheat and rye that is “a bit better-looking, more sophisticated and a bit more sophisticated” than many Russian vodkas. He sips it cold in the 1.5-ounce crystal glass. “I love the clarity that cold vodka offers when it warms up as you take a sip,” he says, noting “complex” flavors in this drink, ranging starting with peppery spice, then citrus and clove anise, coriander and honey blossom.

Russian Standard Gold

Price: 10$ to 25$

Taste notesVanilla A, Caramel and Lemon

Infused (but not flavoured) With Siberian gold root, the vodka is perfect the perfect Moscow Mule. A mid-tier bottle is made by Russian Standard, it is just like the other bottles using winter wheat which , according to Abou-Ganim, gives the drink a “malty texture” and the “rich sweet creamy flavor” that go “beautifully” with the spicy-sweet ginger beer. In making the drink Borisov would prefer “to serve it the way it was intended with copper cups to ensure that the cocktail remains as cool as it is possible and for the longest time possible.”

Polugar Classic Rye Vodka

Price between 10$ and 15$

Notes on the taste:Rye bread, Black Pepper Honey, Almonds

“To learn what vodka’s predecessors tasted like, try this unusual product” recommends Borisov. It is made according to a classic recipe and production method and distilled in copper alembic pots to create an alcohol that’s “closer to un-aged single malt Scotch than column-still vodka” he says. The process allows the Polugar “to produce a delicious, aromatic “bread wine” as it was produced during the 19th and 18th century.” He suggests tasting it at room temperature , and serving it alongside traditional Russian food items to taste the full range of tastes.

Husky Vodka

Price: 10$

Notes on Tasting:Mineral vanilla, water, and cream

The name is derived from the region’s famous dog breed, and made in Omsk in the region where local wheat is grown in the very brief summer, it can be “one of the finest Siberian vodkas you can ever have,” says Borisov. “One of the main ingredients in vodka is water. Husky utilizes crystal clear waters from in the Arctic Circle which brings extreme freshness and freshness.” Filtered with low temperatures to help freeze off undesirable additives and other additives, it’s “a ideal cocktail spirit,” the company’s founder says.

Jewel of Russia Classic Rye and Wheat Vodka

Price: 31$

Notes on the taste:Butter, Pepper, Minerals

Abou-Ganim is awed by this vodka’s “rich and full mouthfeel, its rye-spiciness and the sweet buttery notes the wheat gives.” It’s an “lovely vodka to enjoy all by it,” he says, “but we’re missing a wonderful chance” when we don’t serve it with food. Charcuterie, gravlax, foie gras and pickled herring caviar, or other pickled, smoked sauted, cured, or smoked food items pair perfectly to it “robust design” in this “beautiful velvety liquor.”

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