The Hotel Star System

We’ve all heard it: “It’s a five-star hotel!” But what does it mean? If you’re lost in the complicated hotel star system it’s not just you. Are five-star hotels really worth the price? It’s not easy to determine because the hotel could have three different ratings dependent on the travel website you go to or the travel guidebook that you have are reading. Let’s take a look at these stars and find out if a hotel which has five stars really is worth the hundred dollars per night over its 3 Star Hotel rival.

Is That Star Rating Right?

Star rating system was created to gauge the standard of hotels. Although you might think that an one-star rating indicates it’s a “disgusting hole in the wall where illegal activities take place” and five-star ratings mean ” Oprah Winfrey stayed here and loved it,” this isn’t always the scenario. A one-star rating does not necessarily indicate that a bloody shoot-out was held within the premises. It might be that the hotel provides basic accommodation and a few amenities.

Reaching for the Stars

Who decides on how many stars each hotel gets? In Europe local government bodies as well as independent organizations award stars to hotels. The U.S., stars are given out by many different organizations, including travel guides, national consumer travel associations , to travel companies and websites.

To make things more complicated To make things more confusing, each travel website offers its own hotels star system. This means that the same hotel may be awarded three stars on Travelocity or five stars from Orbitz and 4 stars with Expedia. It is good to know that most travel sites and associations offer an overview of their personal ratings for hotels. system. The majority of the time this is how this North American hotel star system can be broken down into the below.

1-Star Rating

A hotel with a star rating is just an area to lay your head during the night. Most of the time, they are owned by a single proprietor, these hotels have basic rooms that are only an unfinished bathroom and a bed. There is no restaurant on site but there ought to be one nearby to the hotel.

The hotels do not offer any extra amenities or other services. Also, you won’t get an evening turndown service that includes the smell of Godiva chocolate bar on the pillow. But, you must be able to access nearby public transportation, and affordable food and entertainment.

2-Star Rating

Though it’s similar to a single-star hotel, a hotel with two stars generally belongs to an established franchise or chain, instead of being privately managed by a single owner (think Econo Lodge or Days Inn). The rooms are like the one-star hotels: basic and basic.

The rooms of two-star hotels come with a TV and telephone. In addition, they typically have a restaurant on site or dining room, and a regular housekeeping services. The front desk of the two-star hotel is typically available 24 hours per day.

3-Star Rating

3 Star Hotel s are usually part of the larger, more expensive hotel chainslike Marriott, Radisson, and DoubleTree. They are typically more elegant and comfortable than one or two-star hotels. They offer more amenities and services, including fitness centers with a pool, business services, a on-site restaurant and hotel rooms, room service and valet services.

The hotel rooms are spacious with modern and high-quality furnishings , and typically include amenities like flat-screen televisions and an extended cable. 3 Star Hotel are close to major highways and other local attractions, and are usually designed for business travellers.

4-Star Rating

Also called superior hotels four-star hotels are huge luxury establishments that are equipped with a myriad of amenities. The spacious rooms are furnished with top quality furniture and luxurious amenities such as luxurious bedding and exquisite bathing products.

Four-star hotels are awash with extra services and amenities, such as concierge services, fine eating, multiple pools hot tubs and spas, top-of-the-line wellness centers, bellhops valet parking, room service and limousine services, day spas and a range of exclusive suites.

5-Star Rating

We’re now talking about the lifestyles of the wealthy and famous. Five-star hotels are among the most extravagant hotels around the globe. They boast lavish lobby spaces, exceptional service and unparalleled luxury. They are like architectural artworks that feature modern interiors and luxurious furniture.

When you stay in an establishment that is five star there is no need to move a finger (except when you hand the credit card that is, of course). A lot of these hotels provide their guests with an individual butler or concierge. The enormous five-star rooms are elegant and stylish, and often include high-end linens, a personal Jacuzzi bath, huge-screen Plasma TV, high-definition cable and a DVD player high-speed Internet access as well as fresh flowers, extravagant bathing products, and fast 24/7 room service.

In the majority of cases the five-star hotels offer exquisite dining options, entertainment on site with state-of-the art fitness facilities and heated pools. They also have multiple heated pools hot tubs and hot tubs, valet parking tennis courts, spa facilities and access to golf courses. Champagne wishes and dreams of caviar!


It’s not a secret of the fact that hotel’s star rating system isn’t always clear as well as confusing and arbitrarily. But, with a time spent researching you can find the ideal hotel that will meet your specific requirements and your budget. When you’re conducting your research on hotels it is also a good idea to take a look at what other guests have to say about the hotel. A lot of travel sites offer reviews from guests in addition to the star rating they have themselves as well as although you need to be aware of personal biases and quirks, they’re usually very honest and accurate.

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