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In recent years, the number of stock trading options and robo-advisor options have increased. Investors love the increased competition and innovation, but it can be difficult to choose which platform is best for you. We have conducted extensive research on these U.S-based platforms to help you evaluate the best options. With the development of user preferences, the growth of investment apps coincides with the shift in how people manage their money via smartphones and tablets. This transition has been embraced by stock trading and robo-advisor platform platforms. They have focused on improving their mobile app experience. Although brokers’ desktop trading platform has historically offered more capabilities and features than mobile, the experience and functionality are increasingly interchangeable. Investors now have a better experience on mobile and desktop, with more consistent alerts, watchlists and updates. This also improves the ease of managing your money and monitoring your investment goals.

Wealthfront – Best Automated Investment App

TD Ameritrade: The Best Self-Directed Trading App

TD Ameritrade: Best App for Beginners

Interactive brokers: The Best App for Active Traders

Wealthfrontprovides a digital-only investment platform that allows users to access a wealth of money management tools through an intuitive, clean design. The financial guidance, account consolidation, goal setting, investing and banking options are all easy to use and intuitive. Wealthfront’s Self Driving Money lets you automate your finances using a rules-based approach to move money among your accounts and optimize for your goals. You can even take control of your financial journey.

Both the iOS and Android mobile apps are excellent and comparable to the desktop experience in terms functionality, features, and ease-of-use navigation. The app was thoughtfully designed to reduce data inputs and typing. Instead, it uses more user-friendly sliders, drop down menus, auto-fill functionality, and more user-friendly drop-downs. Although you will still need to enter user IDs or passwords for linking external accounts, the workflows are consistent and intuitive. While E*trade’s Core Portfolio Robo-Advisor won our Best Roboto-Advisor in Mobile Experience category for its offering, Wealthfront was our overall best overall robo advisor. Wealthfront offers a smart, polished user experience and exposes you to a greater number of money management tools.


Financial planning tools that are comprehensive

Path offers the best digital-only financial guidance

Designed to minimize errors and maximize functionality, this mobile experience is thoughtful.

Your smartphone can be used to manage your finances with self-driving money


  • External account sync can be inconsistent
  • There are no discounts on larger balances
  • There’s no hum

TD Ameritrade is a unique mobile trading platform that offers a more intuitive experience than the desktop version and a rich feature set. The menus and functionalities of mobile trading are well-organized. The simple design includes watchlists, orders and the ability to manage positions, options, customize charts, and other features such as managing positions, monitoring, customizing, and managing position. The workflow for the TD Ameritrade App is simplified to allow you to concentrate on the things you need to buy and sell, as well as monitor your overall portfolio. Thinkorswim allows you to create charts and analyze positions.

No matter which app you choose, you will find the mobile experience of TD Ameritrade has everything you need to manage your money anywhere you go. These apps offer a powerful and dynamic alternative to full-featured desktop versions. Although thinkorswim users will continue to prefer the desktop version, the TD Ameritrade apps can be used by its users as their primary trading platform.


Mobile apps are designed with more precision than desktop versions.

Users of all backgrounds will love the option to choose between two apps

Mobile and desktop platforms seamlessly sync charts, updates, customizations

Trading functionality and extensive investment options


Only thinkorswim mobile allows you to draw on charts

TD Ameritrade does not offer fractional-share trading

Hybrid users face challenges because some tools are not available on all platforms.

TD Ameritrade was also awarded the best app for beginners category. It has a clear educational focus, which empowers users to understand and invest in the markets. TD Ameritrade offers a variety of educational opportunities that can be used to match investors from all backgrounds. TD Ameritrade’s app doesn’t offer as much information as the website. To focus more on learning how to invest on the move, the educational angle has been simplified. Even though the educational experience has been reduced, it is still much more extensive than other providers. TD Ameritrade draws from the largest library of content.

TD Ameritrade allows investors to start trading without committing to it. This is possible by opening a paper account. This helps investors understand the market and how it works without risking capital. You can trade paper on your mobile device using the thinkorswim app. It is an excellent feature that aspiring traders can use, but it can be overwhelming for those who are only looking to invest in basic areas. The mobile experience is intuitive and easy to use, so you can choose the features that are most important to you. This makes TD Ameritrade a great choice for beginners who want to learn more about investing.


  • The mobile app was designed to be easy to use and educational.
  • A wide range of educational tools are available to help investors gain knowledge
  • Mix of investment platforms and trading platforms for a variety of users
  • You will find extensive learning opportunities that cover everything from the basics to advanced strategies for investing.


  • No fractional trading
  • Uninvested cash earns low interest

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