How Do I Fix “Feedback Required” on Instagram?

Users of Instagram occasionally receive the “Feedback Required” error message when trying to publish comments or captioned photos. Since the error is related to comments, it indicates that something is incorrect with your message content. Learn about Instagram’s policies regarding captions and comments to prevent similar mistakes in the future. The rules are not difficult to understand.

Breached Guidelines

Instagram users must adhere to some guidelines that are designed to stop spam. The photo must not have over 30 hashtags. Likewise, for comments must be limited to no over five times. Comments, which include emoji-only messages cannot be posted more than once and certain terms and phrases are not allowed to be utilized. If you encounter the error notification, check your caption or your comment in light of these guidelines. You can then modify the text, if necessary, before trying to publish it again.

Faulty App

The Instagram application might be in a state of disrepair. At the minimum, Android devices must have Instagram version 1.0.5 or higher, and Apple devices must run Instagram Version 2.4. Find what’s your Instagram version by pressing on the application’s “Profile” tab,” followed by the “Gear” icon, and then “About This Version” under the Support section. If you are running out of time, remove your existing app and install new versions. If you’d like, you can replace the app you have installed to avoid a damaged application. Log into the new app using your Instagram login details.

Erratic Device

Switch off your device, and then switch it on for a clean beginning, especially in the event that it’s been some time since you’ve made the switch. If you’re still having issues using the Instagram application afterward, file your bug report.

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