Instagram: History and How the App functions

The Instagram story’s rapid rise is an unforgettable Silicon Valley fairy tale, and the company has seen phenomenal growth within a matter of minutes. The app that allows social networking was created in just eight weeks by engineers to design before it was launched in the Apple smartphone operating system in October of 2010. In just two years Facebook ( META) was successful in acquiring the app for $1 billion cash and shares. Like all good stories, this one also featured many different versions, both successful and mistakes, but also success as well as conflicts and synergies and the chance of a few occurrences. Instagram grand image later,

The story of Instagram

In 2009, Kevin Systrom, a 27-year-old Stanford University graduate, was employed by Nextstop that was an travel and tourism recommendation business. Systrom was previously employed by Google ( GOOG) as an associate in corporate development. Additionally, he had been an intern with Odeo which later changed into Twitter ( TWTR). While Systrom did not have a formal education in programming or computer science but he did study program during weekends and evenings as a part-time employee of Nextstop. Systrom then developed the first prototype for an application on the internet called Burbn. The idea was inspired by his love for premium whiskeys and whiskeys. It was the first time that the Burbn application let users to log-in and share their plans and also post photos to share with friends. While at the time , check-in applications that depended on location were in demand however, the feature for sharing photos of Burbn was unique.

Venture Capital Funding

The turning point in Systrom’s career came during the month of March in 2010. Systrom attended a meeting for Hunch, an entrepreneur-run startup in Silicon Valley. At the meeting, Systrom had a meeting with two Venture Capitalists of Baseline Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. After the demonstration of the concept of his proposal they decided to meet for coffee and discuss it further. After their first meeting, Systrom had the opportunity to take the decision to leave his job and concentrate on Burbn. In only two weeks, he had been awarded $500,000 as seed money from both Baseline Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz to further develop his business.

The seed capital offered by Systrom the chance to establish an alliance that would help his business. The first person to join the team was a 25-year-old known as Mike Krieger. He is also an Stanford graduate, and the entrepreneur has was employed as an engineer as well as a user design for the social media website Meebo. Mike and Mike were close friends during their studies at Stanford.

Pivot into a Photo-Sharing app

In the years between the time Krieger was a member and Krieger joined and Krieger joined, the two looked over Burbn in order to focus specifically on one feature that was exclusively captured by smartphones. They diligently examined the most well-known applications that were in the field of photography of the day. According to Krieger and Systrom it was the Hipstamatic application that stood out due to the fact that it was well-known, and also offered intriguing features that you could apply to your photos such as filters. But it did not offer social media sharing tools; Systrom and Krieger believed there was plenty of potential in developing an application that would connect Hipstamatic to social media platforms such as Facebook.

They then retreated, and removed Burbn of its comments, photos and “liking” functions. At the time, the name was changed to Instagram that combines two words”instant Telegram. They also started focusing on improving the user experience when sharing images.Instagram grand image, The aim of the app was to make it as easy and take as little effort as possible to the user. In the course of eight weeks, they worked on the application, they gave the application to their friends for test it out and evaluate their performance. After having resolved a few issues in the app, the team put it to the market for.

This is the launch is from iOS App iOS App

The Instagram app was launched on October. 6 and attracted a whopping 25000 users within just a days. In its first day, Instagram was downloaded by 100,000 users. At the end of December, the amount of users had increased from one million to one million.5 The date of its launch coincided with the fact that it was the time that the iPhone 4- featuring an upgraded camera that was launched two months earlier to the launch in June of 2010.

Series A Funding

With the exponential growth in Instagram’s user base the number of investors began to look in the company. In February of 2011, Instagram raised $7 million in the Series A capital round. The primary investors included Benchmark Capital, which valued the company at around $25 million. Alongside institutional investors Instagram also caught the attention of several other notable firms in the technology used in the social media including Twitter and Facebook. This round of funding offered Systrom and Krieger the possibility of acquiring additional employees the founders chose to keep the business small and with only a dozen employees.

Systrom was familiar by Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter at the time when he was an intern for Odeo. Dorsey expressed interest in the company and thought about the possibility of buying Instagram. Twitter announced that it had offered an offer to purchase $500 million worth of stock. However, Systrom turned down the offer.

Facebook Aquires Instagram

The month of March Instagram’s user base had risen to nearly 27 million users. On April 12 2012, Instagram became available for Android phones and was downloaded nearly 1 million times in one day.10 At the same time, Instagram was on the verge of receiving another round of funding , with the estimated value of $500,000. Systrom as and Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg had become acquainted through an event at Stanford and had a conversation during the beginning stages of Instagram’s explosive growth of popularity.

The month of April 2012 was the time when Facebook (now Meta) offered to purchase Instagram for approximately one billion dollars in cashand shares, and shares. A key condition was that the company be managed independently by an entity. Just prior to its Initial public offering (IPO), Facebook took the next step, and purchased Instagram for $1 billion, plus shares. Instagram introduced a limited-feature web interface in November 2012. The company , in June of 2014 introduced an app for Amazon Fire. Amazon Fire device Then, it was the year 2016 when Instagram developed an app that was made available to Microsoft Windows tablets and computers.

Latest Features are added to the application

Although Instagram offers a variety of functions however, the most prominent is the way it allows users who have established an account without cost to upload their media including images and videos. Users can edit the uploaded content by applying filters and then arrange the content they upload using location information and hashtags (a word or phrase that is followed by a hash symbol that is used extensively on social media platforms to identify posts that are on certain areas). Users have the option to have their profiles open or private. It is important to note that on the public profile, photos and video posted by the user can be viewed by every other Instagram user and those who have personal profiles are private. users are able to choose who want to see their pictures and videos.

Instagram users can browse other users photos or videos by hashtags, or search places. The users can browse through a selection of content that is popular and also share with other users with their images and videos by clicking on buttons that allow users to “like” a post or add a text message to any article. If a user “follows” another user it means that they’re putting their own videos and photos into the feed of their personal.Instagram grand image, The first version of the Instagram Instagram application was limited to allowing users to display their pictures with an aspect ratio that was one square (an aspect ratio is an aspect ratio that is proportional to the size of an image and the size of). In a square aspect ratio, it implies it’s image’s width as as width are equally. This implies that Instagram users were able to upload images with larger than 640 pixels wide and iPhone 4 at that time (in the year 2010.). In 2015, the limitation was removed and users were able to upload content that was bigger (up in 1080 pixels). Since the initial date it was launched, Instagram grand image has also added the option to send messages and the capability to permit users to post multiple images or videos within one post.Instagram grand image.

What was the date when Instagram First Launched?

The Instagram app launched in October. 6 . October 2010.. It was initially available only on iOS. The app had one million users registered users after just two months and it would expand to one billion users in the year 2018.

What was the reason Instagram was the First Time it was Its Creation?

Instagram was initially a photo sharing application that offered a variety in filters as well as enhancements that could be applied to photographs taken using the smartphone. It was a fusion of features from the well-known app FourSquare that allowed users be able to add tags to images that featured people locations, people, or other information to share their pictures..Instagram grand image, The company’s founder, Kevin Systrom, has declared that he invented Instagram because of his passion for photography.

What is it that made Instagram succeed?

Instagram’s emphasis in sharing pictures and comments has brought about a remarkable degree of user participation and word-of-mouth marketing, where users encouraged their families and friends of the benefits to joining. Its easy user interface and its well-known functions have made it easy to gain a massive user base. The combination of features and ease of use led to users who aren’t attuned and are more likely to scrolling through an abundance of content and eventually becoming addicted to make use of the app.

While user growth has increased after it was acquired by Meta (formerly Facebook) acquisition, Instagram has made a minimal change to its app, returning to its simple and easy user experience, while focussed on sharing photos and video capacities. Despite the price tag of the acquisition it seems to have been a wise choice to Meta. In 2019 company that conducts market studies eMarketer estimates that Instagram will be home to 117.2 million users by 2021.22 In the year 2018, Instagram was the second most downloaded application for free in the Apple app store (second only to YouTube’s free mobile app).23 In 2020 over 1 billion people were using Instagram every month.


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