Venus Morris Griffin: Woman’s heartbreaking story

Augusta the Georgian Venus Morris Griffin, is speaking out about her turbulent relationship with John “Tripp” Morris in the well-known photoblog Humans in New York. The mother-of-seven revealed details about her divorce in the 13-part series.

In a touching story, Venus told of how she first met the “stinking cute” husband at the University of South Carolina. The man turned out to be an abuser of children and had a relationship with his wife.

In the now viral posting on social networks, the estate entrepreneur shared her difficult childhood with a drug addict and abusive mother. In the aftermath, she was forced to contend with a domestic abuser husband.

She told peoples that her husband had the double life. In her blog post, she wrote that she had heard from people telling her that she had picked “the greatest man.” Tripp was a coach for football and Bible study teacher and PTA president.

Behind her closed doors, she noted several warning signs that suggest a failing marriage. The realtor shared a number of instances of her abuse in a Facebook post, including one that stunned internet users.

When Venus Morris Griffin crawled out of the room she heard gunshots ringing out after her husband had walked out onto the patio.

In a different incident, Venus Morris Griffin received an anonymous call from a night employee who informed her husband that he was paying women to stay with him. The woman was unidentified and also said the fact that he was keeping a record of his affairs.

Venus The daughter also had the most horrific incident, breaking the mother’s head.

More details about Venus Morris Griffin’s work?

The mother got the license to sell real estate licence in the year 2008 and this led to her becoming a prize-winning Realtor in Augusta. She was ranked first in annual sales for the last four years, as per the website of her.

She has concluded more than 1500 transactions and has achieved over 400 million dollars in revenue. The year 2021 was the time she won selected as Augusta’s top real estate agent by Augusta magazine’s “Best of Augusta 2021” issue.

After achieving success within her industry, Venus Morris Griffin began traveling around the world and sharing her experiences and struggles. She inspires women to conquer obstacles. A portion of the money she earns through her speeches is used to fund college scholarships for a student with an incarcerated parent.

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