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The Stairmaster originally developed around the year 1980, has seen a rise in popularity in the past 10 years and can be found in a lot of good gyms. And just as well, they’re an amazing piece of equipment that offers many advantages. Ideal for beginner to advanced athletes This article will reveal the Stairmaster benefits and highlight the benefits to including it in your workout routine. If you’ve missed the Stairmaster as you headed towards your preferred cardio machine you might want to think about rethinking.


The basic idea behind the Stairmaster is a series of rotating steps you ascend, but do not actually move (just as the running machine, where you run but remain in the same location). Like the running machine, you are able to alter the speed, and remain there for as long as you’d like, depending on the goals you have set.

The Stairmaster is a fantastic cardio machine that can effectively target glutes, quads, calves, and hamstrings and also improves your aerobic endurance


The Stairmaster an excellent exercise working the muscles of the lower part of the body however, exercising using the Stairmaster gives you a range of cardiovascular advantages.


The primary benefit of using the Stairmaster is that it allows you to effectively lose weight. If you’ve ever stood onto one, you’ll be aware that within a couple of minutes your heart will start racing, and you’ll start to melt.

Cardio machines are among the most efficient methods of burning calories, and the Stairmaster isn’t any different. A study from 2012 showed that an average of 8.5 calories were burned within a minute of climbing the stairs at a normal speed which is equivalent to 170 calories in 20 minutes at a walk! [1]. If we increase the speed then we’ll increase the amount of calories burned.

If you weren’t aware that to lose weight it is necessary to be in a deficit of calories To achieve this, either we have to consume less food or burn more calories. The process of burning calories through the Stairmaster will help to create the positive energy balance (calorie deficit) necessary to lose weight.


One advantage of taking advantage of using the Stairmaster frequently is that it helps to increase the effectiveness of your lung. The VO2 max of our body is the highest amount of oxygen that the body can use during exercise. Essentially the VO2 max that determines the amount of time we can work until we exhaust ourselves.

Training with Stairmaster can to increase the VO2 max of our bodies, which can increase the amount of oxygen we provide to muscles. The increased oxygen supply can aid in a longer-lasting workout before becoming fatigue-inducing.

The heart pumping on the Stairmaster is a great way of increasing the heart’s health. Similar to any cardio exercise when we increase the heart rate, we’ll begin be able to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy heart will be effective in pumping oxygen-rich blood to muscles whenever they require it.


In addition to the cardiovascular benefits, the Stairmaster gives you a number of benefits for strength.


A study that was conducted in 2020 focused on the gluteus maximas activation that occurs during the most well-known exercises for the glute.

They found that the step-up workout engaged the glutes at an increased degree than exercises like back squats, hip thrusts and deadlifts. Check it out!


Alongside the glutes, quads, and calves the hamstrings are yet another muscle that benefits greatly of the Stairmaster. The hamstrings sit behind your knee. These muscles are responsible for the bend of the knee. So, each when we take another step, the hamstrings will be active.


What you might not be aware of is that exercising on the Stairmaster helps build stronger bones. When we engage in any exercise that requires weight like the climb up a staircase the body reacts to the stimulation and creates stronger, healthier bones.



Other forms of cardio like treadmills can be a nightmare for knee joints. The Stairmaster is a low-impact alternative that can be completed without discomfort. Still, you get the cardio benefits, but with less soreness.

Utilizing the Stairmaster can assist in preventing knee discomfort. The step-by-step motion is able to develop the muscles surrounding the knee which are responsible for knee stability. If we are able to maintain the kneecap’s stability it is possible that we will be able to decrease the risk of injury.


As we’ve mentioned before as well, the Stairmaster is a fantastic machine to burn calories. If we want to lose weight it is essential to burn more calories that we consume every day. If we employ the Stairmaster to create an calorie deficit, it can assist us to reduce weight.


Stairmaster is a full lower body workout that like the previous workout, targets the glutes, quads, calves and hamstrings. If you’ve ever walked an arduous flight of stairs you’ll be aware of how strenuous it can be on your body. Utilizing the Stairmaster regularly will do miracles in taming your muscles in the lower part of your body, and also help to create that heart-shaped butt.


Making our workouts more interesting is a way to boost the adherence. If we do the same exercises every day, and every day, we’re likely to become bored. Once we’re bored, that’s all it is. We’ll make excuses to explain reasons why we shouldn’t go to the gym, and then in the blink of an eye we’re off the train.

It’s an excellent way to stay active, it’s always worth exploring new ideas and so, challenge yourself to a new workout an exercise routine that includes a Stairmaster


If you’ve read through this article, you’ve realized that the Stairmaster’s benefits aren’t to be snubbed. This cardio machine give obvious cardiovascular advantages as well, but it also has numerous strength and general health advantages. Take the workouts mentioned give them a go to feel the burn and come back to us in the future!

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