Who Is Noah Green? Fatal Capitol incident

The Long Island man tied to an gang-style shooting at Republican governor candidate Lee Zeldin’s home in the month of March was ordered to be held for $1 million bail on charges of felony firearms Monday. Noah Green, 18, was indicted on the seven-count indictment arising of the Oct. 9 shooting, which saw a slug fall close to the Zeldin’s twin daughters. They were at home doing their homework. Green is not charged for shooting the trigger however, he was arrested by the 9mm handgun that was that was used in the shooting that authorities claimed seemed to be linked to a gang.

The suspect is accused of reaching into his pocket in his pants to retrieve the weapon when police came across his gang, Suffolk County prosecutor Vanessa McEvoy stated in court. “This firearm was loaded up with a large capacity magazine.” McEvoy told Judge Karen Wilutis.Police reported that Noah Green, 18, was holding the handgun that was which was fired outside Rep. Lee Zeldin’s house located on Long Island.

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Green’s defense lawyer, Christopher Cassar, asked for the bail set at $25,000, however Wilutis pushed it much higher by setting the bail at $1 million in cash or $2 million in an assurance bond or partly secured bond of $10 million.

In front of the Suffolk County Courthouse, Cassar claimed that his client was not associated with a gang and also noted that he did not have a previous criminal record. “He denied trying to get an assault weapon,” Cassar said of Green. “Hopefully that the officers were wearing bodycams, so we’ll be able look into the incident.”

He called the massive bail “unconstitutionally excessive,” and said the $25,000 that he demanded is generally what the prosecutors demand in similar cases , it appears that the case has become controversial on the day of Zeldin’s campaign to run for governor.There is anspeedy process in this case,” Cassar said. “They claim to have done an analysis of ballistics prior to the arraignment of the indictment. This is also unusual. The timing of this is a bit questionable.”

When asked if he thought that it was political driven, the lawyer replied, “certainly there is some reasons to be concerned,” and smiled.

The broad-daylight shooting happened as Zeldin along with his wife headed for an Columbus Day parade in the Bronx as bullets began shoot out of Shirley’s home. Shirley home.

Two teens were wounded during the shootout and ended up outside the home of the congressman’s family as his 17-year-old daughters were seeking shelter and dialed 911 from inside.

The police later uncovered the black Honda that was reported to have left the scene and smashed Green.Just few days before Green was arrested, Green had posted a picture on Snapchat which shows him with another person shooting a gun towards the camera, police claimed.

“Forensic investigations showed the fingerprints of the defendant on the magazine that was fully loaded inside the magazine,” McEvoy said in court Monday. “Microscopic analysis was able to identify the bullets that were that were found in the windshield of the vehicle on the scene with the gun found in the possession of the defendant.”

Green was charged with two charges of second-degree holding of an weapon, third degree firearm possession and firearm possession for criminal purposes and criminal mischief, unauthorised usage of a vehicle and resisting an arrest.

“A Grand jury found sufficient evidence that warrants indictment on the seven charges,” the judge said in determining bail. “The crime of committing a felony is a qualifying crime. The defendant is an airline risk. These charges can be serious. He is facing a serious sentence of fifteen years.”

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