How to make green dye in Minecraft

Even with no mods, Minecraft is a vibrant day. With dyes you are able to create color to your own.

There are 16 kinds of dyes in Minecraft and one of the most simple to make can be green dye. This is how you can make it and what you can do with it.

How do you create the green color in Minecraft

To make green dye, you’ll require three items: 

Cacti, the furnace as well as gasoline to power the furnace.

Cacti can be found throughout the desert and in the badlands (also known as mesa) biomes. To build a furnace cover the outside edges of your tables with cobblestone. For the fuel you need, make use of charcoal, coal or a bucket of lava, or almost everything made from wood.

Place your cactus pieces into one of the slots on top and then your fuel in the lower slot. Take a moment until the arrow icon appears to get filled up with fuel, and you’ll create thegreencolor. Each cactus piece will give you one ounce that contains green dye.

What can you use green dye in Minecraft

Similar to other kinds of dyes, green dye’s main function is to alter the color of specific items.

It is possible to mix green dye in conjunction with these products to create an environmentally friendly version of the item:

Candles, beds, White carpets, shulker boxes, Wool, Terracotta, Banners

Furthermore you can mix green dye with gravel and sand to create green concrete powder and glass panes to create stained glass. You can also combine it with fireworks ingredients to create the glowing green star for your firework.

Additionally, you can use green dye to create other dyes. Mixing green dye with blue dye , or with a piece lapis-lazuli produces the cyan dye when combined with bonemeal or white dye makes lime color.

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