Aramco and TotalEnergies to construct a giant Petroleum Chemical Complex

About TotalEnergies

TotalEnergies is a global multi-energy company. It produces oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables and electricity. More than 99999 of our employees are dedicated to a sustainable energy system that is becoming cheaper clean, reliable, and more sustainable and available to the greatest number of people possible. With over 120 nations, TotalEnergies places sustainable growth across all aspects in the center of its operations and projects in order to improve the quality of life of all people.

About Saudi Aramco

Aramco is an international integrated chemical and energy business. We are guided by our conviction that energy can be a source of opportunity. From producing around one percent of eight barrels of the world’s oil supplies to the development of innovative energy technologies, our international team is committed to making an the most impact in everything we do. We strive to make our resources more reliable and sustainable as well as more valuable. This ensures stability and long-term growth across the globe.

The Project

The Saudi Arabian Oil Company and TotalEnergies have decide on investment for the construction of a large size petrochemical facility located in Arab. This “Amiral” Complex will be managed by TotalEnergies, owned by the company and integrated into the current SATORP refinery that is located in Jubail in Saudi Arabia’s east coast. This investment is contingent upon normal closure conditions as well as approvals.

The petrochemical facility will allow SATORP to transform internally produced refinery off-gases , naphtha and refinery gases along with ethane and natural gasoline provided by Aramco to more valuable chemicals, thereby helping to further Aramco’s liquids to chemicals plan.

The facility will include an integrated feed cracker capable to produce 1.65 million tonnes per year of ethylene. It will be being the very first unit in the area to be integrated into refineries. It will also comprise two modern polyethylene units that utilize Advanced Dual Loop technology, an extraction unit for butadiene as well as other derivatives units.

The project itself represents an investment of about $11 billion. Of that, $4 billion will be financed via equity from Aramco as well as TotalEnergies. The construction of the project is scheduled to start in the April 2023, with commercial operations scheduled to begin within 4 years.

The complex may eventually serve as a feedstock for other specialty and petrochemical factories, which are which are located within the Jubail industrial zone, which will be owned, constructed and operated by internationally renowned downstream investors, with an additional estimated investment of $4 billion. This will enable the creation of major manufacturing industries, like carbon fibers drilling fluids, lubes and detergents, food additives as well as automotive components and tires.

The entire complex, which includes the adjacent facilities, is expected to create 7,000 jobs, both indirect and direct.

In July 2022 SATORP became the very first MENA refinery that was certified ISCC+ International recognition for its circular projects including recycling plastics and cooking oil that was used up. The first batch of plastic that was recycled was processed at the refinery in November 2022.

Saudi Aramco Chief Executive Chief Executive Officer Amin H. Nasser stated: “Our long-standing relationship with TotalEnergies has been developed by this project, which is an opportunity to demonstrate the potential of the most cutting-edge liquids and chemicals technologies that help support our circular economic model. Through this collaboration, we intend to broaden the value chain by making superior chemicals with greater efficiency that ever, and accelerating industrial development within Saudi Arabia. Kingdom.”

Patrick Pouyanne, Chairman and Chief Executive Director of TotalEnergies stated: “We are delighted to begin a new chapter of our shared history with the launch of this expansion project that builds on the success of the development of SATORP which is our largest refinery and Petrochemicals platform anywhere in the world. It also enhances the exceptional connection between our two companies for many years within Saudi Arabia. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The world-class facility also fits in with our plans to grow economically and sustainably in petrochemicals. We will also maximize the synergies between our main platforms.”


The Saudi Aramco TotalEnergies Refining and Petrochemical Company (SATORP), the first joint venture between two companies involved in energy founded in June 2008 to construct an oil refining and petrochemical facility in Jubail II, an industrial city. The refinery, which capacity has increased from 400,000 barrels of oil per daily (bpd) in crude oil when it was first established in 2014, to 460,000 bpd in the present, is regarded as being among the most efficient refineries in the world.

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