Lizzo Net Worth: She Built Her $12 Million

Lizzo is extremely wealthy and deserves every penny and is set to become even richer after she’s entered into the world of fashion retail. With every single song she sings reaching the top in the Billboard Hot 100, plus the fact that she’s never able to keep getting Grammy Awards and getting fancy endorsements so it’s no wonder she’s been able to make such a splash. She’s now out with a new brand that’s size-inclusive which is set to put more money in her pockets. So, how much money does Lizzo have in her savings account?

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Lizzo has an estimated $12 million on her name. If you’d like to learn more about the matter, here’s a brief explanation of the way Lizzo has earned this much money. Of course, the primary source of her income has been her music and it’s not surprising given the huge success in the single “Truth Hurts” alone. As per RIAA, Lizzo has hit 16.5 million units of certified digital singles, which makes Lizzo one of the industry’s most lucrative artists. One of the main methods artists make money is through tours and merchandise. Lizzo’s most successful tour was absolutely the one with Cuz I love You too in 2019.

The show earned $8.8 million in sales and sold 175,022 tickets. According to Billboard the event increased “her 2019 total to $10.8 million and 243,789 tickets.” We’re not sure how much merchandise Lizzo sells on each tour however let’s say it’s plenty and we can add on it since this shirt is V, v great.

In addition to traveling, acting (never forget her role in Hustlers) as well as performing in music and putting everybody else’s flute playing skills at a snub, Lizzo earns money from endorsements. These are the main thing that an aspiring influencer and an A-list star have in common.Don’t put off Yitty the brand, which is an “revolutionary new shapewear brand” that is in collaboration and Fabletics Inc. designed to fit “every damn body.”

“I found myself constantly told on magazines and television that my body wasn’t beautiful enough. In order to be considered acceptable I had to inflict some kind of injury on it in order in order to fit into an idealized image of beauty.” Lizzo told Vanity Fair about the launch of the brand in April.

“Because of this I’ve been wearing clothing that is form-fitting clothes for a long period of time, possibly since the fifth and sixth grade.”She added.

I had grown tired of seeing this dreadful and restrictive dress that nobody wanted to wear. I was struck by the thought who can take action to change this? I decided to accept the task of helping women to feel confident about themselves once more. “Yitty is a brand new service that was launched in the last few months however, I expect it to be successful given the publicity it’s received. Apart from being accessible on There’s also a selection accessible on Fabletics the site and throughout Fabletics stores. Additionally, the global market for shapewear was worth $1.9 billion in 2020 according to research by Grandview Research via Forbes, and is expected to reach $3.9 billion in 2028. So…Lizzo definitely entered a profitable space!

If you’re wondering where Yitty originates, it could likely be the aunt of Lizzo. “Yitty is a nickname my auntie gave me when I was young,” Lizzo stated to Forbes. “She was a beautiful woman, as well as one of the most cool people ever, with a bold, beautiful energy. I was looking for that kind of energy in this company.”

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