Why are cats so weird?

Why cats love the most elevated position in the home:

Thanks to their unique muscular structure and sharp balance, cats have climbed into high vantage points to look over their territories and find animals in their natural environment. Grizmo isn’t requiring these special abilities to find food items in her food bowl right now, but instinctively, watching the living area by the highest point of her bookcase what she’s evolved to do.

Why they’re always prepared to take on little objects

As predators of the wild they are also opportunistic, and hunt when there is food available. Since most cat prey are small, cats in the wild need to eat many times each day, and use a stalk-pounce-kill-eat strategy to stay fed. This is the reason why Grizmo likes to chase and chase small toys and consumes smaller meals throughout the day and at night.

Why do they look at each other and enter small areas:

Small predators tend to seek refuge in tiny areas in their natural habitats. One explanation for Grizmo’s inclination to reach out into containers and open spaces is this same desire that has helped to ensure the existence of her species over millions of years ago.

The reason cat claws sharpen on couches:

When they roamed in the wilderness, cats required sharp claws to climb or hunting as well as self-defense. Sharpening their claws on surfaces helped keep them fit and prepared, and aiding in stretching their leg and back muscles and alleviated some tension also. This isn’t the only reason why Grizmo dislikes your couch or chair, but she does dislike your cushions, ottomans as well as curtains and anything else you can put within her space. She’s cutting these objects into pieces and making sure her claws are in top form because that’s exactly what her forefathers did to survive.

Why are they always discovering strange places to sleep:

In the midst of being hunted, cats developed to avoid being caught. In the wild, those cats that excelled in avoiding predators prospered. If you live in a house, Grizmo is an expert in squeezing her way into tiny areas and scouting out and hiding in unusual places. This is why she favors a tidy and odorless litter box it’s less likely to reveal her home to prey that might be snooping around in the vicinity.

Why do cats are purring:

When we consider all that we have to know about felines, it is apparent to be that their frequent behaviors remains among the more difficult to understand. Cats are known to purr for a variety of reasons like joy, stress, or hunger. However the frequency of their purrs — ranging from 25 to 150 hertzis within a range that could encourage the regeneration of tissues. Thus, even though her purrs make Grizmo an excellent companion for naps but it’s probable that Grizmo’s purr could be helping her bones and muscles as well as yours too.

The cats are wild animals who adapt to strange homes designed for human beings. This is not surprising, as it could be a bit odd at times.

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