Jill Biden US First Lady tests positive for COVID-19 Update

Jill Biden Update: The first lady of the United States, Jill Biden, has been identified as having Covid-19. She is presently showing quite slight symptoms. President Joe Biden’s test results were negative, but Jill Biden has been given a Covid-19 diagnosis.

In August 2022, the 72-year-old Biden’s wife’s most recent positive Covid test result occurred. The President, who is 80 years old, tested positive for the final time in June 2022.

Mr Biden will visit India to attend the G20 Summit on September 7, according to the White House. On September 8, outside of this historic ceremony, he will also speak with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a private setting.

US President Joe Biden said earlier that he was looking forward to the trip to India.

India, as the current President of G20 will host the annual summit in New Delhi between September 9 and 10, 2018.

G20 members account for around 85 percent of global GDP, more than 75 percent of global trade and two thirds of world population.

The group consists of Argentina, Australia Brazil Canada China France Germany India Indonesia Japan Japan the Republic of Korea Mexico Russia Saudi Arabia South Africa Turkey UK US European Union. Jill Biden Update!

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