Bud Light Seltzer Bundles Up New Ugly Sweater Pack

The year before, Bud Light Seltzer came out with an ugly Sweater Pack which included flavors like Apple Crisp, Peppermint Pattie, Gingersnap, and Cranberry however, as the holiday season is nearing, the company behind Budweiser has decided to turn the dial up with a brand new line-up that includes an egg nog classic variant.

It is known as the Seltzer Nog because the flavor is a blend of sweet cinnamon and vanilla to evoke the classic Christmas drink with a milky taste. Alongside the Cranberry version, there is also the brand new Sugar Plum made up of sweet mixed berries including cranberry, plum and cranberry. it is the Cherry Cordial is a blend of chocolate and cherry flavors.

“With our main goal of innovation and flavor, Bud Light Seltzer continues to offer “The Loudest Flavors” in the marketplace with delicious-tasting products that give customers the perfect drink for any event,” added Andy Goeler the vice president of marketing, Bud Light in a press announcement. “After the introduction of our first Ugly Sweater pack last year to great reviews and a flurry of positive reviews, there was no doubt that we would decide to return to it this year with new festive flavors to ensure that our customers make the festive season more memorable and enjoyable.”

Bundling 12 oz. slim cans sporting the look of a sloppy sweater, the limited-edition holiday-themed assortment pack comes with three different flavors. They will be on the shelves in all 50 states before the 1st of November.

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